Intelligent Math Recognition

Matharia is the first interactive math recognition technology for building applications that use or re-use mathematical formulas to enable profound math understanding, analysis, and learning. Matharia’s functionality combines interactive recognition for entering formulas created with standard mathematical notations in real time and converting them into a computer-understandable format and intelligent math understanding for extracting the meaning of a formula. This unique combination of functions enables the creation of applications and products that deliver great user experience, ensure not just syntactic but also semantic correctness, improve math understanding, and aid knowledge sharing.

Why Matharia

{ Mathematical Meaning in Real Time }

The recognition component deciphers and understands the meaning of formulas, created and organized using standard mathematical notations, and entered by the user in real time. As mathematical symbols are being entered, corrected, and rearranged, the meaning of a formula is recognized and processed at an instant.

{ Advanced Accessibility }

Matharia broadens the range of possible interactions with mathematical constructions online and in a computer environment. Understanding the meaning of formulas in the context of real-time changing and editing instead of formal reading of a formula removes the barriers to accessibility.

{ Syntactic & Semantic Correctness Assurance }

Matharia tracks syntactic and semantic errors, provides helpful contextual clues, and suggests improvements. It offers a remarkable user experience by preventing irrelevant clues and automatically clarifying unclear constructions.

{ Multiple Use Cases }

The recognition technology is available for application in a wide range of user scenarios and different types of applications. Employ the math recognition and understanding abilities in business, educational, and scientific settings.

How it works

Matharia for End Users

To the end user, Matharia looks like an insert entry bar that can be accessed from a browser or a mobile device. The user enters the formula using a keyboard or a cursor. As the formula is being entered, the contextually intelligent math assistant makes use of the meaning of a formula to proactively present the right mathematical constructions at the right place in the formula. To eliminate ambiguity, the assistant may ask for clarifications in the process of formula editing. The assistant can also reveal syntactic and semantic errors as they happen, give explanations, and guide the user towards an error-free solution. Understanding the meaning of a formula allows Matharia to provide a fundamentally new level of a11y. Matharia can read the formula not only character-by-character but also semantically.

Matharia for Project Owners & Developers

The main benefit of Matharia is that it does not use server components, so it’s performance doesn't depend on the network performance. Matharia can be integrated into any software product - from a simple web page to a complex intellectual system. Matharia allows you to transcribe the formulas entered by the user into a computer readable format and vice versa - from a computer to a human-readable format. Thus, you can process the input in any way and show the result to the user. For example, you can compute a derivative, calculate the value of an expression, or graph functions. Matharia can be fully managed via the API.

Additional Features

  • Edit formulas partially - set up any chosen part of the formula to be edited via the API
  • Highlight and color any part of the formula
  • Make selections, move the cursor, prompt the assistant and perform any user action via the API. Get a full and accurate picture of user actions including the cursor position, selection, coordinates and dimensions of each character
  • Import and export in LaTex. The entered characters and formulas can be inserted into any system that supports LaTex. This can be useful when printing the information or in other cases
  • Run several independent Matharia instances on one page
  • The mathematical component implemented in Matharia ensures all algorithms have linear complexity. Both the input size of the formula and the number of entered constructions can be increased without loss in performance